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Black Men Coding / Black Women in Tech

At Black Men Coding, we pledge to address the needs and overall development of an underrepresented group in technology. While this pledge is specific to a group, our motivation and value systems are not contrary to or even take into account other highly represented groups. We exist to represent the universal fact-based concept of “knowledge is power” and to provide another avenue to that knowledge via direct representation.

By sharing our knowledge, experience, and the application of the information in the professional world, we strive to promote a mentally healthier community that feels represented at the highest levels of industry and bridge the economic gap for those who may not have access to these communities otherwise.

  • We pledge to support and empower Black individuals in technology and promote a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of their lives.
  • We pledge to keep training free and allow underrepresented communities to take advantage of our organization’s resources to improve their quality of life, work-life balance, social impact, and career growth.
  • We pledge to actively participate in other like-minded organizations’ programs and engage with the community to foster a supportive environment of inclusivity, respect, and empowerment.
  • We pledge to use the knowledge and skills gained through entrepreneurship, community work, and working in the world of technology and our interactions worldwide to create training to positively impact our lives and community and support other Black individuals in achieving and reaching their goals and full potential.
  • We pledge to spread awareness of the Black Men Coding and its mission and to encourage others to support its efforts to empower Black individuals and promote equity and justice for all.