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BlackMenCoding.com & Black Women in Tech are fiscally sponsored non-profit, social benefit organizations. Our mission is to provide free training in computer programming and all technical areas that inspire and motivate Black men & women to (1) pursue education in STEM fields and (2) participate in the innovation economy through entrepreneurship and technical work.

We proudly offer the world's first free online training program for Black professionals. Training specifically designed to provide access to top-tier training resources and create a supportive community for Black learners, this program aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Whether you want to advance your career or expand your skill set, our free online training program has everything you need to succeed.

  • Learn real world skills you can apply today

  • Feel comfortable among peer groups with shared interests

  • Build community

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What People Say About Us


The support and encouragement I’ve received from this website have been invaluable. I’m so grateful for their help!

Johna Irving

Thanks to this website, I’ve been able to build the skills and knowledge I need. Being able to ask questions that I was emabarrased to ask in other groups makes this one of my favorites.

Roberte Greene

This site has been a true lifesaver. I had a question about an issue on one of my freelance projects and Black Men Coding covered it as a topic. Who else does that?

Janes Harper
UX Designer

Using TermsFeed for my policies was a great decision on my part. Easier than I thought. Customer Support was awesome ecenter theme.

Cameron Mollison

Our Experts

I’m a tech founder with impressive soft and hard skills. I combine my leadership acumen, software architecture background, coding prowess, and process mastery to create both mindful and competitive solutions. This zeal for tackling multi-dimensional technical problems makes me tick – inspiring me to stay on top of the latest technologies to architect, build & teach organizations how they can reach their most ambitious goals! Motivated to make a difference, I established an expansive support system for professional black coders in 2017. Today my tech group boasts nearly 5,000 members and provides them with insider techniques used to create the software we all know and love – that’s right, you’re using it! In addition, I regularly contribute articles & advice resources on technology topics through multiple magazines & publications. To bridge the gap between entrepreneurs’ dream projects and technical developers who can bring their visions into reality without speaking (or understanding!) too much of ‘the lingo,’ I wrote a book full of helpful guidance so business owners can effectively communicate app concepts even if they don’t speak code themselves! That’s me! I do a lot of cool stuff, and I’m just getting started.

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